About the Journal

The Journal of Ubiquitous Music (j-ubimus) is oriented towards the advancement of knowledge on ubiquitous music practices and research. The periodical is hosted by the Arts Graduate Program of the Federal University of Espirito Santo. This editorial project is also linked to the Ubiquitous Music Symposium, from which selected articles may feature in expanded forms. Each volume of the j-ubimus is designed in such a way to accommodate a centrepiece article complemented by other articles which make reference and/or comment on the topics covered by it. All articles are put through a thorough peer review process.

The journal is published in an open-access format, indexed and aligned to the requirements of Scielo and similar open-science repositories. We aim for a multilingual journal with a single language per volume, with english-translated abstracts. The j-ubimus also proposes to support alternative presentation formats, reflecting not only the advances in the contents of ubimus research but also impacting the methods for delivery and presentation.